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NMA project is the collection of knowledges that I learned from my co-worker and Internet. I builf the NMA according to DDD approaching. I intergrated it with Fluent NHibernate for ORM, Structure Map for IoC and Dependencies Injection. I also tried to applying SOLID principles to it. I will describe about all layer as below:

+ NMA.Infrastructure: all contract for application
+ NMA.Domain: domain logic, behavior (the heart of architecture)
+ NMA.Infrastruture.NHibernate: concreate object, class that implement from Infrastructure (Fluent NHibernate, Auto Mapper)
+ NMA.Application: facade of application, divide application for separation of concern
+ NMA.Web: GUI of application (ASP.NET MVC 2, JQuery UI 1.8.1)
+ NMA.Test: testing project for application (NUnit framework, RhinoMock)

Notes: This project only composited all thing that I learned in 5 years working in computer programming.

All articles that I wrote about this project can find as below:

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All your contribution shall help me improve this project, and I greatly appreciate your kindness.

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